While driving your Chevy, you might run over a pothole in the road without knowing it or run over an object you can't avoid. These actions can sometimes result in your car getting out of alignment. It's also possible for the parts that make up the suspension and the wheel assembly to wear out over time, which shows that your Chevy needs to come to the service center at Liberty Chevrolet near Villa Rica for an alignment.

Pulling or Veering Left or Right

When you're behind the wheel of your Chevy near Newnan, you should be able to keep your vehicle fairly straight in your lane. If you notice your vehicle pulling to one side of the road, it's likely time for an alignment. An easy way to test this is to drive on a straight road with no curves. After driving for a short distance, take one hand off the wheel to see if the car pulls to the right or the left. This issue requires attention as it could lead to the vehicle crossing into adjacent lanes on roads around Douglasville.

Steering Wheel Position

Pay attention to the position of your steering wheel. When you're driving around Draketown, it should stay straight. If you see that the wheel is off-center, it usually indicates the wheels aren't properly aligned. Once they are, you should see the steering wheel straighten back out with the emblem situated in the center and pointing straight up.

Wear of Tire Treads Wear

After traveling in Carrollton for some time, check your tires to see if the wear and tear on the tires' treads are even on the entire surface. If you notice that one tire, especially on the inside, is worn more than the others, it's usually a sign there's too much pull on that side of the vehicle.

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