When you're driving your Chevrolet around Draketown in the summer months, you want to be able to turn the air conditioner on so that you're comfortable. However, you might not feel cold air when the system is turned on in Carrollton. There are a few signs that you'll usually notice, as well as a few service needs that the dealership can address before higher temperatures arrive.


A common sign that something is wrong with the AC system that should be addressed by Liberty Chevrolet is a lack of airflow through the vents. This results in only one area of your vehicle getting cool or none, depending on the severity of the restriction. Issues that could prevent proper airflow include a broken fan, a loose blower hose, or mold accumulated in the vents.

Lack of Cool Air

If you feel the air through your vents, it should get cooler. Keep in mind that you might have to wait a little longer if the temperature in Douglasville is hotter, as it can take a few minutes for the system to create a comfortable environment. However, if you don't start feeling cool air soon after turning the AC system on, then it could be due to a fuse that's not working, a broken compressor, or not enough freon.

Dealership Service

Instead of trying to repair your AC system on your own, you want to take it to our Villa Rica service center so that a technician can look at the issue and plan for the best way to complete the repairs. A benefit of having service done at our dealership near Newnan is parts can be ordered specifically for your Chevrolet. The technicians work on similar vehicles throughout the day, typically resulting in the work being completed faster.

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